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sugardr0p's Journal

16 October 1984
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by sugardr0p

About Me You know me as sugardr0p, but the rest of the world knows me as Jessica. I'm 24-years-old, currently living in PA, and in love with a wonderful man named Dale. I love to read and write. I also have an almost unhealthy vampire obsession. I've had problems with anxiety, depression and anorexia, but I'm trying to get past my problems and just live my life. In my spare time I make graphics at smirky, graphicsdelight and my very own swirled sugar. Thinking about adding me? Go right ahead! I don't bite.

Loves dale. twilight. southern vampire mysteries. sookie/eric. severus snape. jewelry making. futurama. buffy the vampire slayer. buffy/spike. book making. evanescence. vitamin water. harry potter. edward/bella. korn. the nightmare before christmas. music. pirates of the caribbean. johnny depp. star wars. writing. photoshop. eyeliner. tim burton. family guy. the office. jim/pam. paint shop pro. my cats. animation shop. pogo.com. nintendo. super mario bros. stars. livejournal. mario party. s'mores. blue. photographs. cheese. the simpsons. natalie portman. law & order svu. halloween. dvds.

Pretties & Credits My graphic credits can be found here and my resource credits can be found here. Now on to some of my pretties (hover credits):

Click for my dragcave scroll:
blinkie by syandstix

Mom, I miss you more and more each day. I love you! ♥